Ben 10: Power Of The Omnitrix - java games for mobiles

Screen Size: Multiscreen

Corrodium meteors are hitting the Earth and the alien master Vilgax needs them to accept the planet! In the role of Ben Tennyson, you're the only one that can stop him! Fight your way direct twelve exciting levels facing an army of drones, forever knights, mutants and bosses therein frantic action-packed beat’em up adventure. Apply your alien wrist watch, the Omnitrix, to transform into three impressive alien forms: Heatblast, Fourarms and Cannonbolt. All with its personal capabilities and combat skills.

  • - Supported the highly-rated Cartoon Network show
  • - Twelve levels, four environments and 4 bosses
  • - Different game-play using multiple characters and two java game modes
  • - 158+ total licensees, 1200 + products created
  • - Market particular data can be provided, just ask!

Download Java Games For Mobiles
Download Java Games For Mobiles


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